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Look after the skin your in

We know you’ve got many choices when it comes to aftercare products for your new tattoo and if there is a particular product you want to use that's cool just give us a heads up so we can check it out and make sure it is going to work how we need it to. 

Aftercare steps

1. As soon as you get home from your awesome tattoo session make sure you give your fresh tattoo a good wash with warm soapy water to remove any excess ink and vaseline and pat dry.  

2. Do not submerge your tattoo in water while it is healing. Showers are fine but avoid baths and make sure you don't have the water too hot or you might all of a sudden become Michael Jordan and jump through your roof. 

3. With any aftercare product that you are using take care to only use a very minimal amount. Too much product does way more harm than good. 

4. Avoid the fun stuff like swimming and sunbaking. We know that sucks but a few weeks missing out on that is better than ending up with a new tattoo that looks like a backyarder has done it. 

5. Do not pick or scratch your tattoo. 

6. Don't be afraid to get in touch and ask us any questions. Your tattoo experience doesn't finish when you leave our studio. We are here for the long run and happy to help in any way we can. 

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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions: Tattoo Services
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